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Technology moves at a rapid pace. Getting perspective on just how far we’ve come is difficult to grasp. This image gives an idea of how data compression has made leaps and bounds in just 50 years.

Just this year, as reported on ZDNet, “Google has developed a compression technology that can create high-quality JPEG images in files that are 35 percent smaller than those available from today’s compression techniques.”

Compression technology and file sharing is the entire premise of the television show, Silicon Valley, and how it’s advancement could make the next game-changer for how the world interacts with one another. The faster communication and data can transfer, the more immediately you could have any process occur instantaneously.

Thinking further, technology advancement also helps make science fiction into science fact. Every industry around the globe benefits from advancements in data compression, while new industries are being created all the time due to it.

We may see a compression in the leaps and bounds the human race could make in the coming decades, all thanks to the diligence of scientists who have made our lives easier with their life’s work.

Here’s one final example that could fall under the meme title of “Things Only 90’s Kids Will Understand”.

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Jeff Penner

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