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How Technology Can Be a Sustainability Enabler for Businesses

by | Mar 7, 2022

Digitization of operations is definitely paving the path for more sustainable operations and processes while also resulting in improved business resilience. Examples of these are abound in companies implementing novel manufacturing or materials technologies that leverage alternative inputs and go a long way in reducing emissions and waste. Some of these have since become industry standards and companies that have managed to hold on to them in the long run have won over both increasingly-conscious consumers and investors. Customers have started to significantly favor companies with a track record of creating significant environmental and social impact whether that’s through finding innovative ways to reduce their footprint, energy savings or/ and emissions reductions. Some companies have even gone on to reinvent themselves as providers of efficiency-as-a-service, helping clients manage and reduce customers’ CO2 emissions. IT Support Vancouver can help your business reach its ESG goals through effective technology management.While the implementation and convergence of these technologies have been big news across industries, many companies have also found innovative ways to adapt them to dramatically measure, track and manage environmental and social impact across their vast value chains. Advanced digital technologies and tools such as a whole army of connected IoT sensors and monitors, cloud-based data platforms, and tracking systems that use blockchain are not just being leveraged to unlock new customer and business insights, but also to accurately measure the environmental impact of operations and how best to manage and reduce it. This has, in turn, enabled companies to enhance their management and investment decisions and effectively balance their performance against ESG benchmarks. Advanced digital technologies and tools—such as connected IoT sensors and monitors, cloud-based data platforms, and blockchain-enabled tracking systems—unlock new capabilities for the measurement and tracking of environmental and social impact across value chains. Companies, in turn, can better improve management and investment decisions and improve their performance against ESG goals. For example, value chain transparency solutions that use blockchain technology guarantee the integrity and safety of products from supply source to producer to retailer to consumer. Managed IT Services Vancouver can help your business stay on top of technology trends in the technology industry.Data sharing unlocks better information sharing and transparency that also give rise to new models of collaboration within or across industries or sectors. These new ways of collaboration can give rise to novel solutions to environmental and social challenges. This will also empower companies to easily pool resources, address skill or talent gaps, reach and serve new markets better, and more.The trend to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious is becoming increasingly common in businesses across all industries. If we look at recent reports on sustainability, over the past 5 years, most major technology conglomerates, such as Microsoft and Apple, have made strides towards fulfilling their pledge of becoming carbon neutral. Even much smaller, independent companies have followed suit and are strongly committed to their sustainability initiatives. Technology and especially migrating on premise infrastructure to the Azure cloud can help companies move the needle significantly in that direction. Moreover, this can only empower the business significantly with a bouquet of benefits across several facets of the business. For one, moving to Azure ensures that businesses only have to pay for the resources they actually use and not the huge upfront costs and maintenance, energy and cooling costs associated with on premise infrastructure. This results in better scalability, agility, efficiency and flexibility across business processes. With not much of a physical presence in terms of hardware and equipment, carbon footprint is significantly reduced, and businesses stand to improve significantly on the sustainability front. Operating carbon footprint is permanently reduced with running on premise workloads in Azure. It’s important to note here that the Azure cloud has been carbon neutral since 2012, resulting in workloads running on it also becoming carbon neutral. With Microsoft holding to its pledge to be carbon negative by 2030, the business is likely to improve on its sustainability goals each year even as it grows. Every single piece of paper that a business uses in its daily operations has a strong environmental impact linked to the use and production of printers, paper, and ink. With our current technological capabilities, going paperless can actually be a low-hanging fruit for achieving the sustainability targets in any business. Companies can easily make use of tools such as Microsoft 365 to electronically share all documents. Apart from going paperless, companies should also implement an e-signature solution, like DocuSign, to cut carbon emissions and costs further. Apart from cost benefits, going paperless also enables businesses to improve on productivity and enable more control and visibility over documents.In 2021, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability – a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that promises accurate carbon accounting. The solution is designed to enable businesses to track, report and manage their environmental impact through more transparent automated data connections that ultimately lead to better actionable insights for improved sustainability. IT Outsourcing Vancouver is one of the most respected technology consultants that can help your business meet and exceed its ESG goals.

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