The Value of Outsourced IT

Nov 4, 2017

How does your business handle IT maintenance? If your organization is having troubles managing its annual technology budget, or if you are consistently experiencing profit-sapping downtime, consider managed IT services the answer to your problems.

The “break-fix” method to technology management is generally how small businesses have run their organizations for quite some time. It doesn’t work any longer. Break-fix relies on your business reaching out to a maintenance provider only when your systems are malfunctioning, causing downtime and inefficiency that is sure to show up on your organization’s bottom line.

Without a reliable way to guarantee that the downtime-causing issue won’t happen again, the break-fix method is like slapping a Band-Aid on a wound and hoping that it won’t reopen. Managed IT, on the other hand, is designed to address problems before they happen by taking preventative measures.

Managed IT accomplishes this goal by providing you with comprehensive access to technicians who you can proactively monitor and fix any technology problem you may have with your network or infrastructure.

For businesses that lack an internal IT department, managed IT can fill the void you have in technology administration quite nicely. Furthermore, managed IT can provide value even for organizations that have dedicated internal IT staff. At ActiveCo, we often support and augment inhouse support members’ priorities. The inhouse team member becomes an important point-of-contact for your vendor and is often their services’ biggest cheerleader, allowing them time to focus on the quality of their work. It also allows your organization to add profitable IT projects to its roadmap, which provides for higher degrees of productivity and a rapid ROI. 

All technology decisions & investments are ultimately made by you, the owner. Your vendor/partner is there to show you the path to achieve your vision and help scale your company.

One of the most important factors of managed IT services is how much more affordable it is. This is explained primarily by how you prevent issues from happening in the first place. Plus, by keeping issues from evolving into bigger problems, you can spend less on your technology support. At ActiveCo, we take advantage of a rural office space, attracting local talent and achieving a nexus location for our clients, who are spread out across the Vancouver, BC, area (aka – “The Lower Mainland”)

Could your business use help with your IT solutions? Curious how to start, or even facilitate a conversation around IT needs? Reach out to COMPANYNAME at PHONENUMBER.

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