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Do You Have a Unified Strategy to Your Business’ Communications?

Jan 3, 2018

Business owners may want to pay close attention to how their business handles phone calls, email, and even mobile devices–both in and out of the office. A plan should include a unified email solution, mobile device strategy, and a telephone solution, all including official company policies applied to each, with your team members having an advanced understanding of how they all work in concert with one another.


Does your business remember a time before email?
Do your team members access their company email on multiple devices?
Do they use the same email service as one another?
What security layers are protecting your files, emails and data?
Who has access to the devices where your emails are being stored and checked frequently?
Are inboxes being kept clean, freeing your servers of gigabytes of data?

There are many concerns when it comes to email usage for business, in today’s mobile world (especially since WPA2 WiFi protocol was hacked in 2017). An employee who prefers Gmail over Microsoft Outlook might decide that they would rather use the solution they are most comfortable with. This raises consistency issues, and hinders your attempts at unified communications for the company.

Mobile Device Management
Mobile devices for business use need to be managed properly, as the more apps that have access to your business’s data, the more exposure it gets to potential threats.

COMPANYNAME can help you whitelist and blacklist apps, secure your user devices, as well as remotely wipe lost or stolen devices. This helps you keep your business data as safe as can be.

Unified Voice over IP
A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application is one of the best solutions an organization can implement, as they often work across multiple types of devices and work from a shared database of contacts. Your workers will always have access to client information, even when they aren’t in the office. Employees have the option of using their smartphone, desktop, or traditional handset.

Have you always wanted a unified team framework for your business’ communication? Call us today to get the conversation going, we help businesses managed their technology in ways that help improve and streamline their business models.

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