Watch a Computer Dipped in Liquid Nitrogen Keep Working

Jun 12, 2017

The importance of uptime cannot be stressed enough. 50% of business that experience data loss go out of business. After 2 years, that number shoots up to 90%! Simply because the business owners did not want to bother investing into a backup & disaster recovery plan. Surely, they have insurance, so why does this obvious area of mission critical data get overlooked?

Watch how your business can continue running, with a proper plan in place. Datto provides a great demo with some shocking stats that should keep you up at night. To make a clear statement, they dip their presentation’s computer into liquid nitrogen to display how they can continue the presentation immediately following the “disaster”.

With weather pattern changes, the reality is that you cannot predict when an act of God may strike. Or a pole nearby gets hit by a car. Or a hacker decides to pick you as a target. Or an employee clicks on a link that infects your system.

Are you prepared?

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