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How To Keep Your Technology Cool This Summer

You’re not the only unprepared for the summer heat; your PC, laptop, tablet and phone are all feeling the intense pressure, too!

This means your applications may not run as fast due to sustained changes happening on the inside of your device.

Here are some ways to keep your devices cool and efficient this summer.

Avoid the sun
As much as you love the sun, direct sunlight can heat up the metal and plastic components very quickly, dispersing that heat further through your device. Keep in the shade as often as possible.

Avoid other heat sources
This might sound obvious but keep your devices away from the sun, campfires, barbeques, stoves or ovens. We like to eat all summer and we usually bring our devices wherever we go.

Take the case off
Imagine how hot you’d be if YOU wore your jacket year-round. Your device may have a cover on it that’s making it suffocate in the summer heat.

Close unused applications
Have you ever gone to shut down all your open apps on your phone and realized there are apps running from days, or even weeks, ago? Those are using up precious processing resources and the more you request your device to do, the hotter it gets!

Don’t put laptops on the bed
Most devices, especially laptops, have a cooling fan. When you keep your laptop on a flat surface like a table or a counter, the smooth edges allow for breathable space. When you cover the fan’s exhaust window with a blanket or pillow, you’ll hear your laptop spinning faster and faster to compensate for the built up heat.

Keep cool
Technology works best when it’s kept to cooler and moderate temperatures. Consider keeping your workplace a comfortable atmosphere, especially for yourself! If your home is too hot, try moving to a cooler room, or the basement.

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Jeff Penner

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