Remote Infrastructure Management

What is Remote Infrastructure Management?

Oct 26, 2021

Remote infrastructure management is precisely what it sounds like. It’s a representation of managing the organization’s infrastructure services i.e., networks, email systems, ERP system-level support, technical support, data administration, desktop/laptop support, etc. The goal of remote infrastructure management is to minimize the risk of network failures and to monitor the infrastructure 24*7.

Often organizations locate their servers at a distant location and function from various locations. This is when the protection of servers becomes a major concern. In such a situation, Remote infrastructure management handles the servers, patch management, remote server administration, performance monitoring, and maintenance.

Types of Remote Infrastructure Management services

Let me tell you that global remote infrastructure management is expected to reach USD 35 billion by 2023 growing at 11% CAGR over the forecast period 2017-2023. Moreover, the increased growth of digitalization and surging demand for outsourcing services are the major drivers that has lead the USA to be the leading country in this region.

Managed Desktop

Managed desktop service allows users to outsource their work around maintenance and monitoring of desktop computers. ActiveCo brings key desk service facilities to your workforces such as incident, problem & change management, support user productivity, etc. From password administration services to monitor common requests, we enhance your IT services delivery.

Managed Network

Managed network service ensures the optimal performance of your organization’s network. ActiveCo’s service aims at managing both your LAN and WAN switching so that you can focus on your core business activities. 

Managed Application

With ensuring seamless operations on your application, our managed application service also provides unique insights into the performance of your key applications. Experienced personnel, capacity management, and built-in resilience are the building blocks of this service.

Managed Server

Managed server services are known for managing your server infrastructure – hardware and operating system. In this service, we include monitoring and reporting on the server infrastructure, performing user, password, backup administration, and updating the operating system.

Managed Database

Managed database services take control over managing and supporting your critical data assets. We at ActiveCo meet the wants of your organization’s data security, data protection, and recovery to enhance your daily business functions.

diagram_remote_infra_mgmtManaged Storage

ActiveCo’s robust set of managed storage services includes RAID, LUN, Volumes, and Storage area network configuration settings. With user and configuration administration, we also provide security event analysis, storage tuning, and incident and problem management.

Managed Backup

Providing tape and disk-based backups as well as tape rotation, restoration of data from tape, and off-site storage and retrieval comes under managed backup service. With these services, we reduce downtime and ensure that your critical information is always protected. 

Managed Security

In a world of rising threats to business networks and data, our managed security service enables organizations to protect their assets and trade information reliably. We ensure the confidentiality and availability of your assets with our centralized security management, security remediation, and hardening.

it-infrastructure-servicesBenefits of Remote Infrastructure Management services

While providing IT Managed services in Vancouver, we realized that the costs of resources and data centers impact strongly on an organization’s budgets, especially small and medium-sized businesses. Every business these days wants to cut its costs and invest in something more valuable. This is the reason why so many of them are switching to remote infrastructure management.

Maximum flexibility with selective outsourcing

ActiveCo provides IT outsourcing in Vancouver where our remote infrastructure management is designed to meet all the mandatory IT standards and compliance requirements. We understand how many businesses want only a certain amount of work done through outsourcing that is why with us, you can outsource your selected IT tasks. 

Rapid delivery with automated and standard components

Our technology partners provide out of the box tools and products that are used to ensure rapid delivery. Not just this, the components of the RIM services are standardized and employ automated functions to back up the speedy deliveries. The delivery model at ActiveCo is also well-known for balancing efficiency with the reduction of operational costs.

Economies of scale with specialized infrastructure services

You can easily leverage economies of sales with our outsourcing partnership strategy at ActiveCo. Partnership with a global provider of specialized infrastructure services ensures that your business goals and objectives are met. Moreover, you always save bucks as a result of increased productivity with us.

Boost ROI and cut IT management and administration costs

We provide a quick response to meet the ever-increasing demands of the resources. And we make sure that while providing rapid responses, we don’t take it hard on your budgets. We leverage resource optimizations across a wider customer base so that you can rely on us completely.

Access high-demand IT skills and leverage global best practice

We know it gets difficult for organizations to acquire and maintain in-demand IT skills. This exactly why we at ActiveCo reach to attract, retain and grow our resources by leveraging our global reach and capital so that you can access the best practice.

The Future of Remote Infrastructure Management

Remote infrastructure management has a great future ahead, especially in regions where the demands are high for IT consulting. And as remote infrastructure management is segmented into five different regions namely North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America, North America is presumed to be the most dominating. The RIM culture was already growing but since the pandemic, organizations globally are prioritizing RIM over their traditional infrastructure management methods.

It’s a wrap

Remote infrastructure management services by ActiveCo enables you to select the best of services in the industry as per your needs. We combine leading technology expertise with our in-depth knowledge of the industry to provide you with comprehensive RIM services.

In our path-breaking record of helping 250+ organizations, we assure you lower costs and higher gains. To know more about our services or to sign up for it, contact us now.

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