What’s Driving the $3.49 Trillion Global IT Industry?

Dec 21, 2016

IT industryIt’s no secret that one of the best ways to improve your business’s operations is by investing in quality technology solutions. However, as is the case with any type of organizational spending, IT expenditures are subject to change. After a brief hiatus, Gartner predicts that next year will be another big year in which organizations invest heavily into the IT industry.

More specifically, Gartner predicts a 2.9 percent growth into the IT industry throughout the course of 2017. ComputerWorld reports that this growth puts the global IT spending up to an astounding $3.49 trillion. Furthermore, Gartner predicts that spending on devices will rise by 0.4 percent up to $600 billion. Global software spending will exceed 7.2 percent to $357 billion, while IT service spending will increase by 4.8 percent to $943 billion.

The growth is rooted in businesses’ desires to expand and become authorities or leaders in their given industry–or so says John-David Lovelock from Gartner. He claims, “Leading organizations, as well as those that wish to lead, are spending on IT and nurturing their IT investments as the means to grow their business.”

What’s most interesting about these growing industry numbers is that these organizations are increasing spending while also attempting to cut costs. What these figures tell us is that businesses are eliminating unnecessary costs, but are then reinvesting the saved capital into new, innovative solutions that improve operations and make doing business easier. It’s a classic example of return on investment, and it’s easier to achieve than you might think.

This increase in IT expenditure could mean that businesses are investing in enterprise-level solutions that afford them the flexibility and scalability needed to grow. This makes sense, as the right technology services have a way of decreasing capital expenses, as well as freeing valuable time and resources for more profitable endeavors. Even organizations that have internal IT departments see the value in outsourcing certain aspects of their IT infrastructure to outsourced third-party providers. Aspects like a technical help desk or email hosting can easily be outsourced to provide greater value for your bottom line and to free up countless work hours.

COMPANYNAME wants you to know that spending more on IT isn’t the only answer. In fact, our solutions and services are designed to save you money and to help you better manage your finite resources. We know small businesses don’t always have the biggest budget for crucial elements of IT management, which is why we offer managed IT services at a flat monthly rate. These smaller payments fit much better into a budget, and more importantly, they can be written off as operational expenses.

All in all, managed IT services are great ways to invest in the future of your business while also reducing short-term costs. To learn more about our managed IT service offerings, reach out to us at PHONENUMBER.

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