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Our client’s distribution network needed “cross-country support and a customized back-up system to ensure security & stability”.


A few years ago, our client had serious IT issues that needed serious attention. For a contracting company that conducts business across the country, there was increased worry about the stability of the company’s current server coupled with a corresponding decrease in the availability of good tech support for employees working in different time zones. In the wholesale and distribution sector, downtime means more than just lost data. It also means lost revenue.

“We were really concerned about server crashes and backup,” says Craig N., National Sales Manager. “Our IT supplier at that time was only able to dedicate one support person to us, which covered off not just our office staff but our home office users as well. It wasn’t an ideal situation.”

“We needed someone who could come in and make recommendations that would not only address our issues but also help us be more proactive in how we managed our entire IT network.”


Enter the team from ActiveCo: their process and flexibility lets them work seamlessly with companies who have small in-house IT departments or none at all. After a thorough IT network and systems assessment, they presented a number of solid recommendations that were practical, proactive and, as Craig points out, financially viable. “Being able to work within our budget was a big win with our management team.”

ActiveCo designed a state-of-the-art, custom backup system and worked with the company to lay out a formal, cloud-based business continuity plan to ensure minimal disruptions in the event of a complete IT failure. Just as important, though, was ActiveCo’s commitment to providing ongoing national support for employees in different provinces.

There was an incident during the transition process that really stands out for Craig. Two weeks in, as ActiveCo was preparing to back up all the files and transfer everything over, the company’s main server died. ActiveCo was able to seamlessly continue with the transfer and got the new server up and running. “There was no disruption to our service at all,” says Craig. “And we didn’t lose any data either, thanks to ActiveCo’s quick response and solid expertise.”


“They’ve really made a difference for us in so many ways. We have a real variety of people here – some are quite technical and some are not. ActiveCo’s support staff recognize this and are able to respond accordingly when there are issues. Having that option of being able to pick up the phone and talk to someone – at any time – means a lot to our staff.”

Craig believes there’s almost a partner-like feel to the relationship they have with ActiveCo. The company provides quarterly checks on the office server and actively seeks out potential issues or other problems they might need help with. Regular meetings with ActiveCo help forecast IT requirements that can be built in to upcoming budgets.

“They not only take care of our server, our backup and our entire network, they’re also one of the best IT consultant groups I’ve ever worked with. I totally trust them when it comes to managing our network systems. Plus they provide superior technical service and customer support.”

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