Why Managed IT Services are Crucial in 2019

Jan 11, 2019

Technology has fundamentally altered the world of business over the last few decades. Cloud computing (love it or leave it) has provided access to enterprise-strength computing at small business costs. IT providers are able to provide value than simple repair-and-replace services, which is why value-driven IT services are here to stay. Business owners and end users can no longer consider “IT Support” as simply “Help Desk” any longer. At ActiveCo, we partner with our clients as their technology success partners.

Growth Within the Industry
Managed IT providers have benefited from the presumption that the hiring of an internal resource is an expensive endeavor, with that price only increasing with the resource’s credentials and ability. If a business adopts an outsourced service provider, that business can anticipate the same attention directed toward their IT solutions, with the comprehensive access that a managed service provider has to more up-to-date technology which adds additional value.

North American and European companies are anticipated to increase their IT expenses throughout this year, budgets increasing by up to 30 percent in some sectors. Small and mid-sized businesses have been able to use the new upfront capital that their upgraded IT has provided them to upgrade them even further, and large organizations have minimized their risk with security updates and upgrades.

Pro Tip: Invest back in your business

Cloud computing is now all the rage for a business’ communications and collaboration needs, their hardware and software deployment, as well as many other purposes. When it boils down to it, if you can do it with a server, it can be done with a cloud-hosted virtual server – a shift that has granted today’s businesses with a huge amount of flexibility.

Developing Technologies
Since data is seen more as a valuable commodity than it ever has been, methods of its collection, processing, and analysis have become a key offering for IT companies to include. This is precisely why IT support companies have started to offer services like data warehousing and business intelligence, something that wasn’t practiced much not all that long ago.

Managed IT service providers have also aggressively begun to include managed security services in their offerings (Security as a Service), providing many solutions that help protect the businesses that they serve from growing threats.

On top of all this, some IT providers, like COMPANYNAME, also help businesses with VoIP and telephony, conferencing solutions, software and line-of-business applications, database management, email, and a whole lot more. Essentially, any technology solution a business might need to stand up against competitors.

Compliance Regulations
It’s one of the most-forgotten topics surrounding technology these days but global protocols are slowly becoming the standard for data storage compliance. The main idea is the protection of an individual’s information but the impact to businesses are extremely high and can be excruciatingly detailed. The right managed services partner can make all the difference in saving you time, money and frustration.

The End Result
As new technologies emerge, the tasks of the IT company may shift, but their purpose foundationally remains the same: deliver the solutions and support that a business needs to remain productive. Implementing what was just discussed above and much more, the managed IT service provider will prove to be just as (if not more) valuable of a resource to have in your business’ corner in the coming year.

We’d be happy to support you in this capacity ourselves. Reach out to COMPANYNAME at PHONENUMBER to discuss your business and its potential today.

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