Why Phishing and Ransomware Aren’t Going Anywhere

Apr 27, 2018

When someone in your organization accidentally clicks on a phishing email, one of many things can happen…and all of all of them are bad. Phishing emails aren’t going anywhere for one simple reason:  they are easy to repeat, effective and lucrative.Okay, that’s three.

How much more attractive could a program be for a professional scammer?

We were recently told the story of a click, resulting in the PC user’s entire contact list being sent the same email, where one of their contacts also clicked, who then sent the same email to all of their contacts…and…you get the idea. The opportunity to reach an endless number of hapless victims gamifies the process, encouraging hackers to experience even further enjoyment out of the process.

Nearly 50% of companies have claimed to pay a ransom at least once in the past year. Of those, 73% were attacked again! So, who’s really in control of the process? It’s not the business owners, that’s for sure. Hint: it’s actually your staff members.

Another incident story came recently but the business owner was relieved he took the time, investment and energy to ensure he had consistent company backups prepared. He was able to get his company back up and running within just a few hours!

Business around the globe are reporting that phishing and ransomware are expected and part of doing business now. But are they prepared? We ensure our clients our updated monthly on the latest threats and how to watch and navigate around them. Are you keeping your team abreast of the latest global threat?

If you’re feeling prepared but are certain there are more ways to protect your business, your client’s data and your team members, you’re right! You may appreciate a 30 minute conversation with an IT consultant from ActiveCo Technology Management.

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