Will You Be the Latest Business to Move Your Email to the Cloud?

Oct 22, 2018

The cloud helps organizations expand their territories beyond simply the physical workplace, an important tool to have in the digital age of global business! Employees can access data and applications on any connected device. Your office can benefit considerably from cloud-based resources, but email in particular is a standout solution for the cloud.


If you’ve never used a cloud-based email solution before, it can seem a little intimidating. ActiveCo can help you make the change to cloud as easy as possible, if that choice makes sense for how you utilize technology now. It’s always best to do a full review of your needs, plans and end goals before making major changes to your business model and network.

Here are four topics we like to consider when implementing a cloud-based email solution.

How is Your Email Going to Be Hosted?
Depending on your business and its priorities, you’ll have a choice to make right from the get-go. Do you want to host your email on an in-house cloud server, or would you rather have someone else manage and maintain an off-site server? The choice is yours, but COMPANYNAME can help in either situation.

Consider Archiving and Backing Up
You’ll want to prioritize taking backups of your business’ email correspondence. After all, you never know when it will be needed. Furthermore, when you’re sure you no longer need your stored emails, you want the option to archive them away for future use, just in case. This should be a routine maintenance procedure, not something that is done every so often without any real governance.

Keep Security in Mind
Storing anything online these days comes with a gamble. While it’s true that there are many security threats to deal with on the Internet, the proper security solutions will be enough to keep your organization’s email as secure as possible. The standard enterprise-level Unified Threat Management solution can provide a firewall, antivirus, and even encryption to keep your email databases as secure as possible.

Take the Devices Into Account
Which devices are you using to access your cloud-based email? You should consider solutions that have user-friendly mobile applications so your employees can take their email with them on the go. Of course, this also asks them to subscribe to your organization’s Bring Your Own Device policy, which can be a whole other monster in itself.

To learn more about how to effectively move your business’ email to the cloud, and ensure it’s the right decision for your unique business model, reach out to ActiveCo Technology Management at 1.866.931.3633.

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