Is Your Security Prepared to Stop a DDoS Attack?

Nov 27, 2017

If your business were to be struck by a Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attack, would it be able to recover in a timely manner? Do you have measures put into place to keep them from hampering your operations? While most organizations claim to have sufficient protection against these dangerous attacks, over half of them have simply proven to be ineffective against DDoS.

First, we’ll give a brief explanation of what a DDoS attack specifically entails. It basically involves overloading an organization’s network with so much traffic that it can’t handle the strain. When this happens, access to critical information and services can be lost, hindering operations and causing downtime. This is the main damage dealer of a DDoS attack, and any business executive can see why. When time isn’t spent productively (like during downtime), it’s time and profits wasted. This makes the DDoS attack a favourite of many hacktivists with a point to make.

At ActiveCo, we have taken special measures over the years to keep up with the malicious threats around the globe, protecting our clients with additional layers of security that most business owners don’t understand are the new minimum amount needed. The hope that existing security is enough is no longer a viable option, or excuse.

According to a recent report from CDNetworks, an immense 88 percent of companies believe that they have adequate defenses against DDoS attacks. 69 percent of these companies have also suffered from an attack in the past twelve months, which should prompt any open-minded company into considering whether or not the measures taken are actually helping. A cat-and-mouse game only works one way if one side stops moving. Don’t be the mouse.

To give you an idea of just how much this protection is costing these organizations, let’s take a look at some other statistics. US companies, for example, tend to spend somewhere around $34,700/year on DDoS protection, while European countries spend around $29,000/year. With such a significant investment, why do DDoS mitigation attempts fall short of the desired goal, and what can be done to solve these issues?

Learning from these failures is the ideal approach to securing your organization from DDoS attacks, and 66 percent of organizations are already making plans to invest more heavily in DDoS attack prevention and mitigation over the next year. We’d like to ask you how you plan to protect your business from the threat of DDoS attacks against your network.

Many business owners admit to living in fear of the next big attack, but include the assumption that the attack won’t have anything to do with their own business. Not because they feel they have better security than the hackers have hackers, but because they feel they are small enough to not be a target. This assumption could cost them their business.

If you aren’t sure how to protect your organization from major threats like DDoS attacks, reach out to COMPANYNAME at PHONENUMBER.

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